Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Industrial Training
            Im starting my Industrial Training (LI) on 29th November 2010 until 29th April 2011. Im doing my LI at Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ), and was appointed in Urusetia, Pentadbiran Am by Pn Rosmawati bt Zainal. I choose to do my LI here because it is very near to my home. Maybe that’s the reason they took me in too. I was asked to go at Urusetia department and learn from them a way to work in governments office. As my courses is DSK I was asked to take care of meetings from outside and inside MPSJ. I always be ready to join the meeting as i had to take minutes of meeting and give them to my superior. While working here I was involve in many meetings with a lots of important person like politician, reporters, government officers, and boss from all sort of department. Im in the department for about 4 months and then I transfer to a new department. I do all sort of things in Urusetia like reserve/booked a meeting room, order a meal for the meetings, handling events, handling phone call, taking minutes of meeting, filing and regular office work. As a Secretary student, I need to be as punctual as possible, and for every morning I will setup the rooms for meeting, and bring all the minutes for the meeting. At the end of the day I will order a meal and book a room for tomorrows meeting. After 4 months working In Urusetia I transferred to Pentadbiran Am and working on governments asset. I learn many different things while working here and do a lots of site visits together with my superior.

These are some photos from my Industrial Training experiences..
Bilik Mesyuarat Kenanga – Most of the meeting with important person will be held here.

Bilik Mesyuarat 1 – A room for normal meeting

Dewan Kenanga – Lots of seminar were held here.

Receptionist counter where sometimes I greet the customer.

MPSJ needs to be feed so here I am to order the food for meetings and events that is happening there.

This is Dewan Negeri Selangor – SUK , sometimes I go here with my boss to attend a meeting with other government company. Soalan Dewan also was discussed here and all the replies were sent here back.

Most of the time I spent in here, doing filing on hundreds of file from old one to the newest.

Urusetia MPSJ work area – Work here for 4 months.

Pentadbiran Am work area – Work here for 1 months only.

This is me printing minutes from previous meeting and that’s the last day I work at Urusetia.


Just Want to talk about my family here. My family consist of 8 people including my parents.          I was born in 10th  May 1991 in Malacca, but was raised in Subang Jaya since I was a baby.  I was a 5th child in the family. We live in Subang Jaya for almost 20 years. Just a simple family and average family. Okay now I will show some of my family pictures and introduced them.

Tumisah Bt Kayon  (Mom) , Mohd Nasyriq Emir Khan B. Mohammed (6th child) ,
Mohammed B. Rason (Dad)

Muhammad Fadhil B. Mohammed (1st child)

Sulastri Bt Mohammed (2nd child)

Nasharyati Bt Mohammed (3rd child)

Mastura Bt. Mohammed (4th child)

Muhammad Farhan Shah B. Mohammed (5th child)
Mohd Nasyriq Emir Khan B. Mohammed (6th child) 


            I started my study here on Polytechnic Sultan Idris Shah (PSIS) on 7th  January 2010. Taken Diploma In Science Secretary for only 4 semester. I want to tell a little bit about my life on PSIS as DSK student. It has been a really tough journey yet so adventurous and exciting. So far I am enjoying the life on PSIS, i get to learn more and many interesting and new knowledge like Shorthand and Trengkas. I also learn to sharpen and practice my writing and typing skills here. I get to do what others cant do using shorthand skills. But its not easy as said. Easier said than done. Despite the toughness life of DSK, I learn a way to enjoy a little bit. I join the clubs and some of the activities handles by the DSK senior or PSIS committee. I even participate in drama held by JP student while in Dinner.

These are some of the photos I got in PSIS

JP Annual Dinner – Arabian Night

Having fun after the show is over. We participate in the Drama from JP student. Tonight was full of wonders and joy because of the great performance and food. It makes the night unforgettable.


DSK 4A normally wear Blazer on Monday, Wednesday and in meetings with Head of department.

Going camping with JP students and some of the lecturers.

Hari Raya is coming near! This is the event I wont forget. We cant meet all the fun in Hari Raya unless we are celebrating it together and share the good memories like this.

JP Annual Dinner – Masquerade Night

So much happen while on Masquerade Night, but that night the dinner had to be stop because there is an accident happen, and the lights are on fire. The Fireman comes to take care of the situation.

All of DSK 4A together with our PA En. Zulfaizad taking picture.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Cuaca mendung je sejak keblakangan ni..sama cam  mood aku..lately aku rasa malas2 sngt nk gi keje.. harap je belajar course setiausaha (PA) tp management kureng..myb aku perlukn setiausaha aku sendiri kot..bru cerah sket hari aku..xde lah mendung sangat.hehe .xD myb lah sebab semua nie dah nak abes..aku slalu kata aku x lama-lama macam aku yg sekarang aku cam dah rasa lali ngan kesunyian nie..for the first time aku x rasa bersalah or beban bila aku sehari x bawak fon langsung..aku bukan NPC lagi!